Zipline Ride

30 feet tall and 300 feet long!


Family Ziplining in Alto, New Mexico

While you are here, take a ride on our popular family zipline! At 30 feet tall and 300 feet long, our zipline is the perfect size for anyone ages 4-84!

For zipline: Minimum height: 40”, Minimum weight: 45 lbs. Maximum weight: 250 lbs.

All tickets are good for 1 zipline ride. Wait times may vary.

Our family zipline has side-by-side lines so 2 people can
ride next to each other! Participants must meet both height and weight requirements to ride
on the zipline.

Tickets can be purchased in the Gift Shop at Ruidoso’s Winter Park. 

All participants must sign a waiver prior to riding.

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from/ $10
  • One Zipline Ride $10
  • Three Zipline Rides $25

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