Great for riders age 4 - 84!

*Single-ride Zip -- $5
Single-ride Zip -- $8
Three-ride Zip -- $22

* Single-ride zip $5 WITH today's snowtubing ticket!

To enjoy the Zip Line please note these requirements.
Minimum height is 40" Minimum weight is 40 lbs. 
Maximum weight is 250 lbs.

It's still a wonder to us that most of the traveling world still has not experienced the thrill of zip lining. The first thing to know about zip lining is that it's been around for years. In fact, depending on what you consider to be a zip line, it's been around for centuries! For recreation however, zip lining has been a traveler favorite for over a decade.

Ruidoso Winter Park offers a fun and exciting zip-line experience. Everyone from four to eighty-four will enjoy this old-time good-time slide down the line!

Our Zipline was featured at the Albuquerque Zoo this summer - watch this video!

This little video begins and ends with a zipline ride at Ruidoso Winter Park -- take a look!

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